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bottom line cost efficiencies. Your global service with independent reliability.

Back when grapes were grapes with little choice in variety, a company with forward vision and a thirst for innovation introduced the first seedless grape to the UK. ERMS was that company!

The team has continued the trend of staying ahead of the game to this day. A passion for produce is delivered with a superior service, of which we are extremely proud. Our commercial teams travel the globe visiting the best growers and suppliers so we can deliver the finest produce to meet your needs, when you need it.

Your confidence in dealing with us is paramount and, with over 28 years of trading history, we know how to help grow your business by providing a reliable, high quality supply of produce. Carefully scheduled lead times allow you to be more efficient and our JIT deliveries give you even more cost efficiencies.

Supplying a full range of fresh fruits, including citrus, grapes, top fruit and more, salads and specialist food and drink to all sectors of retail, our central storage depot efficiently manages delivery schedules and reacts seamlessly to changes in demand.

Our sales team has a wealth of individual product knowledge and welcomes any business development opportunities. Ensuring all our produce is grown, picked and packed to the highest standards with a 12-month supply means we can commit to any unique category business venture.