We’re all responsible for reducing the impact on the environment whilst delivering sustainable growth. We are accountable for the environmental demands that affect the supply chain including sourcing of product, packing, cold storage, fulfilment services and logistics.

ERMS has a responsibility to make sure that the sources of supply benefit from economic viability and sustainability. The result is to continuously invest and to deliver consistent product quality.

We regularly visit our growers/suppliers, inspecting the produce supply chain, monitoring crops, treatments, packing facilities and ethical procedures. All products can be traced and accounted for from origin through to the shelf.

Happy farmer! As all our produce is natural there is inevitably wastage from any that’s unsuitable for sale. However, for many years, ERMS has ‘recycled’ all unsuitable produce through a local farmer who composts the material for spreading on his land as fertiliser. Perhaps one of the most nutritious tracts of land in Cambridgeshire with added nutrition for the next healthy crop.